KEDACOM PTZ Helps Gain Full Awareness and Situation Control for Philippines City

2020-09-27 10:14  

The City of San Fernando is a first class cosmopolitan city and capital of the province of Pampanga, Philippines. Popularly known as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines”, the city is considered one of the best tourism hubs in the Philippines. However, the city often incurs major damages as a consequence of calamities, especially during its rainy seasons. In worst scenarios, the city’s transportation system and economy become almost paralyzed due to severe floods in major areas.


Taking the responsibility of preparing and safeguarding the city from the effects of any calamity, the urgent need of the city governors is an effective security monitoring system that can provide a full awareness and situation control in fighting disasters and emergencies.


Panoramic View of San Fernando City taken by KEDACOM HD Thermal & Optical Bi-Spectrum Laser PTZ


KEDACOM long range PTZ cameras have been installed at the commanding height of the city to provide a panoramic view of the city without blockage. The camera is able to zoom in very far distance up to 5km. Along with a pan and tilt control, the camera can provide a full coverage and clear view of the city.



Abnormal Situation Awareness and Traffic Congestion Monitoring

Any abnormal situations can be detected by the PTZ camera immediately. For example, its built-in high temperature detection system will give an alert of forest fire or explosion. And the camera is particularly useful for traffic congestion monitoring.


Target detection and tracking


Car accident detection


Adaptability under Harsh Environment

KEDACOM PTZ camera has large Torque which can be installed in harsh environment yet still provide stable images. The hot and humid weather of the city always causes fog in the early morning and at night, optical defog feature of the camera can ensure clear images even during foggy hours.


Generally, outdoor device will be affected easily by wind, haze, rain and other factors, and its glass window will get dirty. KEDACOM PTZ camera designed with AF coating which provide water and dust resistance, and its built-in water spray and wiper can easily remove the dirt or rainwater from the window glass, making the camera clean and clear all the time.


Rainwater is swept by the built-in wiper


Thermal Imaging

In certain areas such as airport, sea port and military bases that laser is prohibited, KEDACOM PTZ camera uses thermal instead to achieve an overall monitoring mission of the city. The thermal imaging is not constrained by ambient light, and can still capture targets in large scenes and accurately measure temperature.