KEDACOM Guarding CIIE for Three Consecutive Years

2020-11-17 14:14  

At a time when most countries around the world are under serious anti-virus restrictions, and economic activities become near-standstill, China offered a platform for international companies to showcase their products and expand their businesses in Chinese market.


The Third China International Import Expo (CIIE) had been held between November 5 and 10 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai, and attracted more than 2,600 global exhibitors and nearly 400,000 visitors, making it one of the largest events across the world in 2020.


For three consecutive years, KEDACOM has promised a high-level of security for CIIE.


Traffic - Huaqiao checkpoint, guarding the west gate of Shanghai



Three security subsystems have been deployed along the way arriving at Huaqiao checkpoint for preliminary detection of vehicles, drivers and passengers. Meanwhile, at the checkpoint, KEDACOM has applied human recognitive camera, mobile surveillance phone and 4G body worn camera for advanced security management and flow control.


Authorities were able to monitor traffic through KEDACOM Visualized Command Dispatching System. In addition to real-time monitoring, all the information, including the comparison result of people and vehicles, would also be displayed on screen in real time, making sure no suspect vehicles and people escaping.


According to the system record, more than 520,000 vehicles entered Shanghai through the Huaqiao Checkpoint during CIIE time. Over 120,000 people and 180,000 vehicles had been checked. Overall, KEDACOM promised an accurate risk prevention and control, and ensured fast passing for vehicles in general, which greatly improved traffic efficiency.


Communication - On / off site, deployment is simple yet effective



While strengthen the safety management, CIIE had undertaken the responsibility of prevention and control of COVID-19 before, during and after the expo. At the Shanghai NECC, inter-communication became more frequent than ever.


To assist communicating and dispatching between different departments, KEDACOM established a command center and video conference systems of two highway checkpoints. The work efficiency had been greatly improved.


Pedestrian Traffic Signal - "Guardian of Intersection", better way to ensure pedestrian safety



In order to achieve a better flow control and management of visitors, CIIE opened up gate No.8 and No.13 as the main entrances / exits. KEDACOM Intelligent Sidewalk Traffic Light Systems have been installed at each intersection. With built-in speaker and light strips, it directs people to cross road in order. This “talkative guardian of intersection” has attracted many visitors at CIIE.