Incepta Upgraded Its Security Management to Next Level with KEDACOM 5MP IP Camera

2021-01-14 09:55  
The Background

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a Bangladesh pharmaceutical company, is now using KEDACOM surveillance system to monitor day-to-day operations of all facilities around the country, minimize threats, as well as improve workplace efficiency.


With the replacement and new installation of KEDACOM 5MP Intelligent Surveillance Camera, authorities of Incepta will be able to see what’s happening at all of their facilities -- from the corporate office, manufacturing plant to warehouses in 23 different locations around the country. In the end, total 3,000 cameras put in use to cover all the facilities.


Being the 2nd largest manufacturing company in Bangladesh, Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd is based in Dhaka, and operating from 23 different locations throughout the country. The company is now exporting their healthcare products to nearly 70 countries of the world.



Dedicated to deliver qualified healthcare products and services throughout the nation and around the world, it is crucial for Incepta to be continually modernizing as a self-pride highly innovative company in every aspect. When their existing surveillance system could no longer keep up with the demand for full-coverage monitoring and centralized security management in modern days, the company switched to KEDACOM’s video surveillance solution instead.


The Challenges

There are two pain points that Incepta currently faces on a daily basis:

  1. Poor Lighting in Warehouses. It is usually very dark inside their warehouses, yet the company’s existing surveillance cameras do require some lightings in order to present clear videos. In addition, the strong sunlight often forms a high contrast with the indoor environments during the daytime, making the camera more difficult to capture distinct images of what’s happening inside the warehouse.
  2. Lack of Centralized Security Management. The current existing security system of Incepta still requires security guards on duty at every distributed area, which is a huge waste of manpower, and eventually it leads to a low work efficiency.


The Solution

Our partner AJM Shaifuddin (EXOSIS Technology) has worked hand-in-hand with KEDACOM to provide top-notch solutions and help create a safer and better working environment. Based on Incepta’s needs, KEDACOM recommended our 5MP intelligent surveillance camera -- a camera that is designed to function even in challenging lighting condition.


  • Distinct and Smooth Video Recording in Poor Lighting

KEDACOM 5MP Camera, applied with cutting-edge image processing technologies including UHD, starlight ultra-low illuminance and Ultra WDR, is able to present a distinct and smooth video even in complex ambient lighting conditions. This is very useful for Incepta’s warehouses that often in poor light condition.



In addition, KEDACOM 5MP camera is also designed with an ultra-wide viewing angle and a wide aspect ratio of 16:9, which can greatly increase coverage without having to install additional cameras, making it more cost-effective to our customers.


  • Accurate Detection of Potential Intruders, Minimize False Alarms

Embedded with AI deep learning algorithm, the 5MP camera can realize intelligence functions of motion detection, cordon, regional intrusion and more. This is very helpful for detecting intruders from gaining access to the facility. Moreover, in key areas such as R&D department offices, the camera can help prevent trespassers from attempting to enter the area. Meanwhile, our 5MP camera can minimize false alarms on other moving subjects, such as animals, falling leaves, waving flags etc.


  • Centralized Management, Remote Monitoring and Control

By connecting the front-end cameras with KEDACOM NVR, and applying with vStation pro software, we can establish a centralized security management system that can protect valuable parts of the facilities as well as improve productivity. For example, real-time video transmission allows security team in control room to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around the facility. By reviewing recorded videos, R&D personnel may find potential changes to increase productivity and improve work efficiency.



As smartphone has become a necessity in today’s world, KEDACOM vSee Pro app is available to download and manage under authorization. By doing so, the manager of Incepta can get instant alarm notification, or review facility’s situation anytime anywhere.


Overall, the system helps ensure staff safety, protect the facilities from trespassing theft, and improve risk management of the company. The expandability of the system allows authorities to upgrade the system without additional costs in near future.