Our Story: Step Forward and Do the Best We Can

2021-02-05 16:38  

There is no simple way to sum up the year 2020.  The coronavirus spreads to nearly every populated region of the world. As of February 1, 2021, there were more than 100 million confirmed cases and over two million deaths worldwide.


Normal was already long gone, facemasks became a familiar sight, and many countries have closed their borders to non-citizens.


The dramatic shift has resulted in a much higher reliance on technology for many people and organizations worldwide, as there are increasing needs for practical application of video conference and video surveillance.


KEDACOM, a leading provider of video products and solutions in the industry, has been continuously following up with our abroad projects remotely. When cross-border trips became completely necessary, everyone of the overseas team is willing to take the responsibility and pack to go.  


Here are few impressive stories:


Adam Shen: Nothing Extraordinary


It was an ordinary day in October 2020 when Adam Shen, KEDACOM’s technical engineer, received an extraordinary assignment – a national-level construction project between China and a Southeast Asia country. His mission is to work with the local team, make a complete and detailed construction plan, draw out a technological standard diagram, as well as implement the equipment deployment point by point, and demonstrate through operations.



Two months in a foreign country and having a heavy workload at all time, Adam felt physically sick and later diagnosed with lymphadenitis.


Things getting worse after the hospital treatment. He felt even weaker and his body temperature was 39.2° -- that is a warning sign for coronavirus.



With help of colleagues, he transferred to a better hospital, re-exanimated, and had nucleic acid testing done for coronavirus disease detection.


Fortunately, the high fever was due to the drug misuse. Adam went back to work on the very next day, as nothing bad ever happened.


Nothing extraordinary, he emphasized.


Sjaco Wang: Work Hard & Work Smart


Everyone wants to be home with family during the holidays. However, business goes on in spite of the holiday period, and so as business travel.


When our local partner in another country was calling for assistance during Christmas time, Sjaco Wang responded without hesitation.



Sjaco Wang is a technical expert of KEDACOM’s camera installation and system setup. He worked through the entire holiday season on-site to help establish a fine video surveillance system, which combined with access control, alarm, dual way communication and other smart video surveillance functions, as well as system debugging and end-user training.


To Sjaco, the key of success is not only working hard, but also working smart. “The next black swan may just be around the corner,” says Sjaco, “And that’s why you should always have a backup plan.”


During the system developing process, he had overcome several issues, such as suddenly lost power while he was in the middle of deploying the server, and he had to work another way around to ensure the operation goes on.



Adam Shang: From Early Bird to Night Owl


Adventurous and optimistic, Adam Shang is the type of person who always looks for the positive in every situation.


In the time of COVID-19, Adam spent over two months on multiple projects in Thailand helping solve various issues.



“We have been through a lot issues, but we are also experiencing some good things.” He mentioned a story about the deployment of KEDACOM ultra-low light ANPR+ system at a Thailand city.


For the best effect, the installation and testing of KEDACOM AI Traffic Camera often occurs at night. Therefore, Adam had to shift himself from a chipper early bird to a night owl.



 “It feels like race against the sun, and I win!”

Adam Shang, with his usual upbeat, comedic energy.