KEDACOM Picking A Better Way of Working in the New Normal

2021-03-05 10:18  

As the winter melts away and spring brings a new beginning, it is time to think about reinventing work from the start and put the company on course for future success. Amid the global challenges and crisis over the Covid-19 pandemic, KEDACOM has still kept our commitment and picked a better way of working in the new normal.


Be Flexible, Be Productive

KEDACOM branch offices are scattered across the world, from China, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, to European countries such as Netherlands and Germany. Therefore, it is not uncommon for KEDACOM overseas team to work remotely across multiple time zones.


As for handling the time zone differences, KEDACOM regional sales manager Sabrina Li’s main strategy is to prioritize tasks based on sense of urgency, operate with a defined mission, and move quickly to solve problems. She sacrificed her Lunar New Year’s holiday to make sure the progress of her Safe City project in a foreign country is on track. She did her best to build bridges between the KEDACOM technical supports team in China and local partners, communicate with both parties, and be a helpful assistant inproduct configuration and commissioning.


(The look of Singapore branch, KEDACOM’s international headquarter)


As the regional sales manager of the Netherlands branch, Weikang Ji’s experiences of working in the new normal are quite different. While visiting clients has become difficult due to the covid-19 outbreak, Weikang figured out a new way to demonstrate even greater professionalism. He makes use of KEDACOM video conferencing camera to simulate a real meeting scene, or brings KEDACOM body worn camera with him when going out, as if he is going on a patrol. Then he would present all video demos to clients and visually explain product features. In the end, it has resulted in better ways of keeping constant and frequent communication with clients.



In addition to provide the finest products and solutions, KEDACOM is also concentrating on greater collaboration, workplace flexibility and accountability. Over the past three decades, KEDACOM has contributed to all professions across the world (below are some examples), and our company will continue to devote ourselves in building a safer and better environment.   


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