KEDACOM Brand-new IPC 981 Panoramic PTZ Camera

2021-03-16 15:12  

KEDACOM has launched a new feature mobile PTZ camera. The brand-new IPC981 is aiming to solve the dilemmas such as the inability of traditional fixed cameras, the limited monitoring range, and the lack of intelligence. Besides common vehicle-mounted applications, it also can be conveniently deployed on a mobile stand. In addition, 360° panoramic view, distanced close-up monitoring, intelligent personnel and license plate recognition functions making the camera large-scale event security, temporary deployment control points etc. It plays an important role in public security case handling, traffic police patrol, law enforcement, armed police security and other operations.





Based on the accumulation of KEDACOM intelligent algorithm and splicing technology, IPC981 uses six of 4Mpx starlight lenses for professional splicing, and outputs two dual 180° panoramic channels before and after the splicing. The seamless stitching panoramic view can realize a 360° clear view of the overall situation, and ensure that there are no dead spots around the vehicle.



It adopts a professional structural design from the hardware. The supporting bracket can relieve the vibration of the vehicle during road driving while the proprietary anti-shake algorithm of the PTZ device ensuring stable image transmission.



In the stitched panoramic picture, you can select a certain area, then the close-up camera will automatically zoom and stretch to show the specific details of the scene through 40x optical zoom lens. At the same time, with the support of stitching technology and algorithms, each position of the panoramic picture will be calibrated internally. Therefore, the close-up lens presents the picture and the actual frame selection position with high accuracy, smooth, fast focus and accurate close-up pictures and panoramic pictures linkage.



Both of the panoramic and close-up channels support license plate recognition, human face comparison and alarm. It will remind law enforcement personnel in real time, so that the polices can take actions immediately and catch the suspects accordingly. During patrolling or investigating process.



Moreover, the camera supports 5G and is compatible with 4G to ensure more stable transmission of high-definition images. It uses multi-lens for image splicing, and can output 4K high resolution, clearly presenting surveillance images, which can meet diversified applications in more scenarios.