Better Education Brings Better Future

2021-03-26 16:40  

Nowadays, the interaction between teaching and learning becomes more important for modern education concept. Therefore the hybrid smart classroom combining online and offline teaching is going to be the main form for education in future.


After the wide applications in Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Northeastern University, and Jiao Tong University, KEDACOM’s Smart Class solution has been installed in Renmin University of China to help improve the original learning spaces.


Renmin University of China


The project planned to develop and renovate 78 smart classrooms in total, covering the main campus of Renmin University of China in Beijing and its branch campus in Suzhou. Many of the classrooms are already in use now.

Having two AI cameras and one video endpoint deployed in each classroom, and a unified virtualization platform at the center, KEDACOM Smart Class System can dock with other learning platforms to realize an effective learning by combining online and offline education.


Smart classroom on the first floor


Free discussion smart classroom on the fourth floor


Smart Classroom in Suzhou Campus of Renmin University


For teachers:

the camera is based on face recognition technology and can be automatically directed, so that the teacher will not be affected and do any adjustments while teaching. Recorded instructional video can be used as a normal recording or as a live broadcasting to build a connection between teachers and students in different locations. The system meets the needs of online education in the post-epidemic era. Its remote interactive function also fulfills the needs of interactive online learning


KEDACOM Recording and Broadcasting System


For students:

You can review the recording anytime you want after the lessons,

No more endless screenshot or taking photos during lessons.

Meet differentiated viewing habits

Multi-form interaction


For managers:

KEDACOM Smart Classroom adopts 4+X mode. The system can not only record and broadcast directly and interact remotely, It can also be used for electronic examination rooms, teaching supervision and expand the application of AI intelligence serving campus information construction.


As more smart classrooms are built, teachers and students will make full use of the results of informatization construction: stimulate interest in learning, and improve the quality of education. KEDACOM will continue enrich smart classroom solutions through video technology to empower education and teaching reform.