KEDACOM Launched New-generation 4G Body Worn Camera with Brand-New Design and Dual Lens Cam

2021-04-16 16:57  

As a powerful tool for an information age, KEDACOM Body Worn Camera is particularly helpful in enhancing safety and improving interactions between multiple parties.


Now, KEDACOM has launched a new-generation 4G body worn camera to further enrich the product family and expand our business.


  • Brand-new 4G Body Worn Camera

New look, front and rear dual-lens, intelligent anti-shake


  • Brand-new Data Docking Station

Wider slot, more compatible, easy in & out


  • BWC Multichannel Charger

Centralized charger and storage, say goodbye to messy station



Learn the new 4G Body Worn Camera in one picture



Learn Data Docking Station in one picture



Learn BWC Multichannel Charger in one picture


The acceleration of 5G network deployment is empowering thousands of industries. KEDACOM seizes the opportunity, and our 5G Body Worn Camera will soon be launched with other significant features.


Stay tuned.