KEDACOM Helps Create “Security Shield” for Boao Forum for Asia

2021-05-18 14:17  

Marking the 20th anniversary of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), more than 2,600 representatives from all over the world attended this year’s conference. It has been the world’s largest offline conference so far this year.


Once again, KEDACOM took the responsibilities to ensure the safety of the four-day annual conference. Integrated with 5G, AI, converged communications and other latest technologies, KEDACOM accomplished its mission of creating a security shield for the BFA.


(Main entrance of the conference halls of the BFA)


Converged Communications, Creating a “Shield of Security”

KEDACOM has built a converged communication & dispatch platform for the Command Center of the BFA to connect with multiple provincial-level units. By integrating various audio and video resources, including video conference, video surveillance, AI camera, 5G vehicle PTZ camera, BWC, voice calls, 350M PDT, etc., KEDACOM served as daily security patrol, and replaced traditional single-point security guard with an intelligent security system. And our company successfully helped the security departments to coordinate and dispatch between different units and ensuring quick responses through this.


(KEDACOM Converged Communication & Dispatch Platform at the Command Center of the BFA)


4K, AI, 5G and More, Satisfying Various Needs

Upon the request, KEDACOM has also applied 4K Video Conferencing, Ultra-low Light AI ANPR+ System, 5G Vehicle PTZ Camera and other cutting-edge technologies and products. Integrating all these audio and video resources with converged communication & dispatch platform, KEDACOM has enabled commanding and dispatching between the command center and different security units.


In order to improve the communication efficiency, KEDACOM has developed a 4K ultra-high-definition video conferencing system. Embedded with encryption technology, the system would promise data security while providing our clients great video conferencing experience. In addition, by capturing clearer images and storing huge information, KEDACOM assisted the security departments in realizing the attendance check of security teams and achieving remote communication and dispatch.


On-site security control was strict and thorough during the BFA. KEDACOM Ultra-low Light AI ANPR+ Camera played an important role in key areas such as checkpoints. With an original deep learning low-illuminance imaging algorithm, the camera is able to capture clear images with assistance of only one low-illuminance fill light. Without producing light pollution, it helped the security departments fulfill their mission of security check at the entrances.


(Hainan Polices at the Checkpoint)


As a supplement to fixed monitoring, KEDACOM has also provided 5G vehicle PTZ camera, which enables 5G high bandwidth and low latency. Placed it on top of the police vehicle to get clear images, intelligent human and vehicle license plate identifications, even when the vehicle is moving.


(Hainan Public Security)


KEDACOM has been serving the BFA for 19 years straight and always promised a high-level of security. From video surveillance, video conference to converged communication & dispatch, KEDACOM has witnessed the growth of the BFA. We strive to fulfill our mission with the latest innovations and technologies continuously in the future.