5MP & 8MP Intelligent IP Camera Series


The growing popularity and requirement for a higher resolution network camera with its adaptability to near perfect execution of an uncertain and complex Day/Night environment, has brought challenges for another round of technological development in video surveillance industries.
KEDACOM’s vision of new cutting-edge image processing technologies, had brought us advance features including starlight ultra-low illuminance, Ultra WDR, for our UHD series of cameras, and greatly boost the adaptability of the cameras to a whole new level during actual practices.


Main Features


UHD & Full Frames

♦  Ultra-wide viewing angle with a wide aspect ratio of 16:9

♦  Smooth video performance of 5MP@30fps & 8MP@20fps

♦  Smart H.265 technology

♦  Less cameras installed, affordable and reliable


Starlight & Ultra WDR

Starlight performance for ultra-low illuminance Day/Night environment @ Color 0.005Lux, B/W 0.0005Lux

Better environmental adaptability despite background light effect

Presents more details in complex ambient lighting condition



Deep Learning Intelligence

Accurate Target Detection & Alarm

KEDACOM Self-developed AI algorithm

Human and vehicle accurate and efficient detection

Basic intelligences of motion detection, cordon, regional intrusion and more

No false alarms on other moving subjects (animals, falling leaves, waving flags etc.)

Built-in Mic and Speaker for dual-way communication, voice prompts and deterrence



Recognitive Intelligence 

Real-time human face and body acquisition algorithm in 5MP & 8MP Human Recognitive camera series

Integrated with AI NVR and Falcon Human Recognitive System for more security surveillance Applications



Recommendation for SME Solutions

Integrate the cameras with our economic NVR to establish a fine SME solution. Along with the quick deployment, our clients can enjoy more intelligent functions such as alarm linkage and data query etc.



Key Products