Improving Traffic Operations in Singapore


The traffic regulating body in Singapore needed to improve monitoring of traffic operations.

The key requirement was twofold:

1. To covertly acquire video and images on public roads after hours during conditions of near total darkness as evidence for traffic offences such as illegal parking, and;

2. To capture superb picture quality thus retaining the essential detail of the scenario including identity of the driver and vehicle involved in a traffic violation.

A technically advanced, professional camera was required to fulfill this task.


Application and Solution

After understanding their needs, they were recommended the IPC123-EN camera.

The camera has built-in Starlight technology and enables capture of colour details without the use of IR echnology

which, in contrast, shows only black and white video and images.

Picture clarity using this camera was achieved owing to video noise reduction technology which delivered clearer picture quality than a conventional camera.

Traffic violations can now be better evidenced as a result and this has resulted in an enhanced traffic flow.