Government Ministry in Korea


In the aftermath of the Sewol ferry disaster, the Korean government resolved to further consolidate and centralise subsidiary organizations and strengthen their response effort in order to prevent the occurrence of a major crisis.

Formed in 2014 as a result of a merger between the National Emergency Management Agency and Korea Coast Guard, the Ministry of Public Safety and Security is the Korean government’s response to enhance their public safety, security and disaster management operations.

Having such an impactful, strategic role means that both physical and network access to the Ministry needs to be highly secure at all times. In the recent past, they decided to upgrade their existing security system to monitor their headquarters in Sejong City together with a system where better video data and management will be more efficient and feature-rich.



The Ministry initiated contact with KEDACOM and after thorough discussions were recommended and deployed an end-toend solution comprising IP cameras together with an integrated back-end system. The cameras were strategically deployed at and around the Ministry’s building. The quality of the footage captured by these cameras was uncompromising as all essential details were clearly visible during both day and night time.

Further, the vicinity monitored by these cameras was divided into several zones and assigned observation rights to these to various staff based on their security access level. This meant that the system allowed for division of video monitoring tasks which could be conducted from a central location. As a result the quality and response time of the overall operation improved.

In addition to delivering a secure way to surveil the building and surrounding area, the system has a feature that allows for the videos to be intact and complete during transmission from the cameras to the command and control center (CCC) and, hence, no data is lost during the process.

During any given day, a large volume of video footage is acquired and stored. With this system, the CCC staff can visually segment the recorded video on a linear timescale, as opposed to the entire clip being played frame-by-frame, so that, in case of an anomaly, the required scene can be searched and the specific event found quickly.

This KEDACOM system had addressed the Ministry’s objective adequately and that is a source of great pride for the company. KEDACOM has further committed to being of assistance whenever such is required.