Pakistan Summit Bank Monitoring System


Current situation

Summit Bank was founded in 2006 and it is a Pakistan banking corporation based in Karachi and it has a branch network of 193 across Pakistan. Aiming to become a preferred choice, trustworthy bank with best banking and financial services, it also converted themselves into a full fledge Islamic bank. And in order to have better service and security, the digital surveillance system will be one of the most important things for their banks to efficiently increase the security level for the safety of customers’ property.


Problem facing

The Summit bank needed a huge upgrade of their surveillance system for the branches and headquarter.


Firstly, at the entrances of the banks, because of the huge light contrast, the normal cameras cannot clearly capture human faces when someone walk in from outside. While the indoor cameras have not enough resolution to zoom in and monitor detail information. At the same time it is also necessary to strengthenthe back-end system to manage central monitoring and data storage from cameras at different branches to make sure efficient situation control.


Application and solution

KEDACOM provided our products to all the Summit bank branches including headquarter, to build up an end-to-end solution to help improve the whole surveillance system of the bank.


Starlight Ultra WDR IR Semi Dome Camera(IPC 2211) is recommended for entrances. With Ultra WDR function, Auto Exposure and Image Enhancement Algorithm, it is able to handle light contrast and produce clear images and videos of human facial information by improving the lighting environment. IR Semi Dome Camera(IPC 2411) is recommended for the indoor environment. With its 4 mega pixel and more than 1080p resolution, it is easy to monitor any small movements, personnel or detail objects indoor. Since both cameras are AI cameras,they support PoE while simple intelligence is also provided including Guard lines, Tampering, guarded area and front-end to assist better control of any situations. Both cameras have the operating environment of -40°C to 60°Cwith anti-fog glass. And 40m IR night vision helps to improve the monitoring at night time.


At the same time, NVR 1821 & 2860E were provided for the back-end system. Both NVR are industrial grade and with RAID record for easy install and change. H.265 and 4K video decoding capability are supported and as a back-end, N+1 hot backup and Packet Loss Recovery function help to conduct fast failover and prevent from data lost. Also, HDMI/VGA simultaneously output different content for NVRs to increase the efficiency of data transferring.


The CMS NVRstation, which is installed at the headquarter, is the key part of the whole solution, it works as a central management system with up to 128 NVRs simultaneously including all the cameras at different branches as well as alarm linkage from simple intelligence and alarm managements. It is possible to conduct real-time monitoring of cameras from branches so that all the situations can be seen and controlled.