Abu Dhabi Hotels security


Current situation

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is also one of the highest GDP per capita in the world and the wealthiest emirate of the UAE in terms of GDP and per capita income.


It hashigh population density, many local and foreign companies are looking for business here. Since most of the foreign business people will choose to live in hotels, the security of all local hotels has become very important.


Problem facing

At the entrance and exit of many hotels, the huge light contrast would cause outdoor environment too bright shownin a normal camera, and makes the human face captured in the cameras becomes very dark when someone walking in from outside, as well as the objects at the outdoor background.


Application and solution

KEDACOM provides our products to more than thirty hotels in Abu Dhabi such as Ritz-Carlton hotel, Hilton hotel, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Meridian and successfully helped them to solve their security issues.



Ultra-star-light box camera (IPC 123-FN) is recommended for the main entrance. It will not be affected by the light because of the 120dB ultra WDR function with our unique auto exposure and image enhancement algorithm. By improving the lighting environment, it is able to have a clear shot for human face which is required for face identifications. And since there are many tourists from different countries, our cameras need to be very good and precise on identify the facial features.



                             Normal camera                                                                                              Ultra-star-light box camera


At the same time, Semi-dome camera (IPC2233-DIR-Z0712) and bullet camera (IPC2252-HNB) are also installed for the hotel surveillance both indoor and outdoor. Our camerasprovide an excellent white balance function.Ourspecial adjustment algorithm made the function more detailed compare to the others. Furthermore, our white balance system provides several mode settings so that the customers can either set specified mode for monitoring certain light condition or choose to use auto mode so that our camera will detect the current light condition and adjust the best mode for it to made better performance. In addition, whether it is under daylight, night or any light conditions, our cameras are able to present clearer and true colored rendering so that when the suspect is appear in the camera, we are able to know exactly about the clothing features to help in identification.