Speeding Up Dubai Policing Service

Known as the playground of the mega rich, everything is glamorous in Dubai: glitzy buildings, luxurious hotels, H-U-G-E shopping malls, lovely restaurants serving every single cuisine in the world, and several of the world’s most sought-after police vehicles.


Besides Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, Porsche 918 and other outlandish police vehicles, recently another supercar has joined the Dubai Police Department’s garage, and ready to surprise the public with the latest artificial intelligence system built-in.



As shown in the picture, this mean-looking Giath patrol vehicle is launched with a facial and vehicle recognition technology. On top of the vehicle attached a mysterious black gadget, it might look like something out of a science fiction film, but it is a real-world tool designed by KEDACOM to help police identify individuals and other vehicles from the car.


It is called magnetic vehicle PTZ camera. Besides built-in facial and vehicle recognition technology, it also supports real-time video transmission to the command operation room of the police station.



Finding the best mix of technologies has always been one of the biggest challenges to many police leaders. While advances in the technologies used by law enforcement agencies have been accelerating, the technology that the Dubai Police Force previously applying could not keep up with the times.


Dedicated to offer its citizens and tourists the best living experience, and strived to be the “most progressive” of all Arabic police forces, in 2018, Dubai Police Department leveraged KEDACOM “mobile + AI” solution to improve its policing service.



Yet KEDACOM is not one such company that solely cranks out devices, its “mobile + AI” solution comprises various high-performance front-end cameras and artificial intelligent systems, to establish a complete and customized solution exclusively to Dubai Police Department.


Until November 2018, KEDACOM has successfully deployed three phases of the project. By incorporating body worn camera, 4G PTZ camera, in-vehicle NVR, fixed camera, and control PAD, and seamlessly integrating with video surveillance platform and data docking station, KEDACOM mobile solution enables real-time video/audio acquisition, storage and review. In the end, it helps the Dubai Police Department achieving the wireless image transmission, intelligent analysis, command dispatch and other mobile applications.


Another add-on feature of KEDACOM mobile solution that impressed Dubai police officials is the excellent video stability for streaming and superior image quality of the vehicle PTZ camera. On the other hand, the distinct video footages are useful for documenting evidence, preventing and resolving complaints, and strengthening police transparency, performance, and accountability. As many Dubai police officers praised, it is remarkable and necessary to police in the information age.


Artificial intelligence technology will continuously be the main focus in the next phase of the project development. By applying with deep learning algorithm and big data analysis, KEDACOM will assist Dubai Police Department achieving dynamic deploy and control, and improving their work efficiency.


As a city where many people believe in “everything had to be done in the best possible taste”, Dubai Police Department, along with KEDACOM, dedicated to create a safer environment where people cannot do anything but relax and enjoy themselves while staying in the city.