Fostering a Safe Way Home for Children


Every child deserves a safe childhood.

Unfortunately trafficking in children is a global problem affecting large numbers of children.


In South Africa, the reality is shocking: a statistic shows that a child goes missing every five hours each year, and many are never heard from again. On the other hand, after school safety is also rising a big concern those days. In several cases, the short way in between school and home can become the longest nightmare to parents.


As one of the country’s three capital cities, Pretoria has a reputation for being an academic city with better educational resources. Meanwhile the authorities of schools and communities in Pretoria are paying more and more attention to all issues related to the prevention of and recovery from child victimization.


In Hatfield City Improvement District of Pretoria, where the school bus service hasn’t been applied to it yet, the community official believes that technology is power to ensure children safety after school, and working most effectively with a good security surveillance company is the key. At the end, they chose KEDACOM to help guard children home.




Together with the official of Hatfield City Improvement District, KEDACOM dedicates to provide a safer environment for all learners around school zone.


It is all about the whole neighborhood children having a safe place to study and play. KEDACOM has established a suitable security solution for the district official to identify and manage risk and threats of any criminal acts around school.


As shown in the picture below, for every telegraph pole located at each corner around school areas, KEDACOM deployed three types of surveillance cameras from every angle.



The balled-looking camera that installed to the upper right of the telegraph pole is loaded with features including ultra-low illumination, motion detection, up to 180m IR distance scale and multi-streams. This starlight HD speed dome camera is an excellent choice for ultra-long distance monitoring as it can provide clear views of far distance.


KEDACOM bullet camera is typically designed for poor lighting environmental use, and fitted for all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, it also supports motion detection and real-time image transmission back to the control room. Thus, the camera is rating for the ultimate road security surveillance.


Positioning in the center is our vehicle recognitive camera, mainly used for 24 hour vehicle surveillance. Spying on all vehicles passed by the monitored areas via the camera, the district official is able to manage and control the suspected vehicles. It eventually helps the official accomplish a crime reduction program, and create a safer environment for students and the district residences.


These front-end cameras integrate with KEDACOM back-end platform to create a security alarm management system. Overall, with its powerful data acquisition and extraction, black/whitelist detection, and other exclusive features, KEDACOM provides applicable systems and solutions that help those in community, finance, commercial, transportation and government realize their goals.



At the district school areas of Pretoria, while the cameras keep a watchful eye on children in monitored areas, any suspicious activities can be reported back to the control room. Based on the distinct snapshot images, the security team then can take an appropriate action quickly to protect children from harming. Hence, parents and the school officials are well positioned to see that children are safe on their way between school and home.