Security Operations & Services for Spain Casino


In casinos, where people and cash flow is constant, and the threat of criminal activity is relatively high, the proper surveillance setup is extremely important to keep a gaming facility and its guests safe and secure.


Compare to traditional casino surveillance which requires a full-time security patron and 24h on-site monitoring, KEDACOM Casino Surveillance Solution will help our clients improve security operations without spoiling the fun for casino guests.



While gambling is legalized in Spain, the magnificent casinos in the country have gradually become a pastime for local citizens and a major attraction for its tourists. Thus, in order to prevent criminal activities from happening, and maintain an exciting leisure facility, a better casino surveillance solution is the main task taken by the authority.


KEDACOM had provided a fine casino surveillance solution to meets our clients specific business needs.


The installation is simple. KEDACOM intelligent camera can be easily installed at all needed areas in and around the casino, allowing the security department to spot suspicious activities in real-time.


“Big Wheel” game monitoring is no longer a challenge with KEDACOM 4K 60fps camera. By strategically placing the camera, every movement of the spinning wheel will be recorded and stored for afterwards retrieval.



In addition, KEDACOM fisheye camera is perfectly made for managing the flow of people in the casino. Besides monitoring the dynamic change of people flow in a certain period of time, the camera can also capture the detailed data of customers’ movements and the visiting frequency of certain games, and simultaneously export it to the control room. To casino managers, the data is very useful to sense which ones are the most popular games in the casino, and therefore to make the best adjustment for their business development.



Our clients are also amazed by the use of human recognition technology in KEDACOM system. Each time when someone entered the monitored area, the system will automatically snapshot his/her face and body, and compare the image with its blacklist and whitelist. And then, based on the comparison result, the system will either remind the receptionists to serve for their VIP/VVIP customer, or alert the security department to check out the suspicious intrusion.



Overall, KEDACOM human recognition system can collect data of one’s gender, age, color of clothes, glasses, hair color and other features. Along with its multi-screen management function, it can achieve a unified management of human and vehicle recognition. By the end, the system greatly improves the work efficiency of casino surveillance management, and at the same time, reduced the use of manpower.