Unified Security Management for Aseana City

KEDACOM has successfully provided first phase of “safe city” concept for Aseana City in the Philippines. In the end-to-end solution provided, speed dome, body worn camera, docking station and back-end VMS platform and central storage IPSAN are the highlights of the whole system. Central monitoring has enabled security team of Aseana City to take action promptly in certain situations.


Located in Manila Bay, Aseana City is one of the few fabulous entertainment cities in the Philippines. Lined with gourmet restaurants, retail stores, malls, residential buildings and hotels, it aims to establish a luxury destination for tourists and residents.



In 2019, the developer of Aseana City decided to take another step forward in creating a safer living and entertainment space. They settled with KEDACOM advanced video surveillance solutions.


KEDACOM has strategically deployed our speed dome cameras in multiple locations of the city. With high resolution and starlight feature, the operators are able to see the images in greater details even at night time.


Meanwhile, our Body Worn Camera made a great companion to security personnel of Aseana City. It is designated for clear and continuous video/audio streaming up to 11 hours. In certain situations, the clear video footages can be served as valuable evidences for management or law enforcement to solve conflicts and crimes. For example, when checking on abnormal activities such as illegal gambling, or questioning a suspicious person, the camera ensures security personnel having the first-hand evidence on the spot.



Moreover, the 2.2-inch LED touchscreen of our Body Worn Camera allows more effective operations. SOS button on the side of the camera is very efficient for quick alerting to the command center in emergency situations. Once the command center gets the notification, it can soon broadcast and inform to other nearby on-duty security personnel to take action immediately.



To charge the body worn camera and upload the video/images, simply place it in our data docking station. Up to 24 body worn cameras can be charged simultaneously. Meanwhile, its automatic upload function ensures all video footages from body worn cameras are safe and unified in the data docking station. The 13.3” touchscreen is good for an easy operation. In addition to that, the expandable slots of the data docking station make the system future proof.   



In command center, security operators can monitor in real-time, and track all body worn cameras through E-map. Central storage is also available in the command center.


In the next three phases, more body worn cameras will be deployed along with other AI cameras. Together with KEDACOM, we promise the residents and tourists of Aseana City a safer environment to live and have fun.