Surveillance System for Ankara University

On Feb 2019, KEDACOM was selected for the security surveillance project for buildings of the schools of medicine through a project bidding. As a great case and experience for Turkey market, it was scheduled for upgrading and expanding the surveillance system including changing the old analog camera system, building command center and improving original vehicle access control system for a total of 32 buildings under two medicine schools.


The project was a single brand based purchasing. As the first phase of it has been completed, the second phase of procurement is imminent. The two existing hospitals of the Ankara University schools of Medicine located in the city of Ankara, including a medical teaching building, an inpatient department and an administrative office building. Mr. Nedim, the head of the security monitoring and project manager, said that the image quality of KEDACOM cameras looks clear and real. the system is stable and reliable, the response of the after sales service is in time and he wishes to maintain all these advantages in the next phase.




Ibini Sina hospital, which is under Ankara University, is one of the most modern hospital in Turkey. It provides an average of 600,000 outpatient services and 35,000 inpatient services annually. In addition, an average of 50,000 operations, including robotic surgery, are performed using the latest technology.


On the other hand, Cebeci research and applied medical colleague of Ankara is the first national hospital founded by Ataturk, the founding leader of the Republic of Turkey. In 2005, It’s U shape campus was designated as “Talavdan Protected Area” by the Ankara Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Committee for Culture and Natural Heritage Reserves. Cebeci hospital is internationally renowned in the fields of radiology, oncology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, neurology and rehabilitation. The Ankara University School of Medicine has a variety of academic conferences and international scientist exchanges and cooperation, making it an important international position in research and graduate teaching area.