High Accuracy Temperature Detection System for Italy Hospital

2020-05-14 15:59  

KEDACOM is in the news once again!


MATTINO.IT, a notable news agency in Italy, reported and praised Pineta Grande Hospital for its innovative application of face recognition and temperature detection system, which provided by KEDACOM and our value added partner in Italy – DATA LAB.

(Article link: Covid center al Pineta Grande, ecco il termoscanner intelligente)


Pineta Grande Hospital later forwarded the news report on its Facebook page, and more complements followed.



As Italy is ready to ease lockdown and slowly reopening businesses, hospitals are now preparing for a possible second wave of the coronavirus outbreak.


Pineta Grande Hospital, one of the major private and comprehensive hospitals in Southern Italy, has been on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus for months. In the needs to best prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the hospital is seeking a fine security system serving as a first-level screening test at entrances for better access control.


The priority of the hospital is to protect its staff and other patients from being infected with the coronavirus. In this case, high accuracy of temperature measurement is a must. Associated with a greater temperature detection accuracy, and integrated with face recognition and real-time alarm, KEDACOM Face Recognition & Fever Screening Terminal has perfectly fulfilled the needs of Pineta Grande Hospital.



KEDACOM Face Recognition & Fever Screening Terminals have been installed at the main entrance of the faculty dormitory and of the emergency room, which can best regulate the access of hospital staff, patients and authorized guests. It provides a quick and precise measurement of body temperature, and anyone with temperature value above 37.5℃ will not be allowed to enter the building.


Meanwhile, the device will also remind every individual who attempts to enter the building to wear a mask and wear it correctly. By doing so, it helps minimize the risk of getting infected by coronavirus.



Currently, majority of commercial grade temperature measurement products on the market are embedded with IR function, which require more spacious place and can only realize a node-by-node temperature measurement, and this could result a possible false alarm. For example, a IR camera may prevent the entry of someone who comes with a cup of hot coffee in his/her hand, because an “abnormal temperature” is been detected. In other words, without high temperature accuracy, a less perfect security system could actually increase risk of infection.


Unlikely, KEDACOM Face Recognition & Fever Screening Terminal combines with a thermal camera that measures face temperature from a fairly comfortable distance. Along with a higher thermal resolution up to 265 x 192, the terminal enables a greater temperature accuracy of ±0.5℃. Especially, under current situation, it can be the perfect security solution for hospital, school, residential community, industry, office etc.


For detailed info, please click on for KEDACOM face recognition & Fever Screening product features and solution brochure.