A Better Traffic Control Solution for Phrae


Current Situation

Nobody likes sitting in traffic, especially in some chaotic streets during rush hours. While we commonly encounter signs and traffic lights as a useful tool in keeping a good flow of traffic, sometimes when cars or pedestrians neglect the traffic rules, traffic regulations in the country will become worthless.


Therefore, in dealing with traffic control matters, it is up to state police departments or roadway authorities to consider a better solution to solve the situation.


Phrae, known as one of the oldest cities in Thailand, is eager to change its current traffic condition. Simply installing traffic lights to the roads is just not enough. In order to provide better driving experiences to its residents, and ideally prevent car accident from happening, a new traffic solution and upgrading to a better transportation system is the main task taken by the authority.


                                                                                     Installers setting up the cameras


Application and solution

After understanding the city’s current traffic status quo and discussion with the Phrae’s police department, KEDACOM had provided a solution specifically based on Phrae’s requirement. Other than the common illustrating traffic conditions on the road, KEDACOM had provided a full solution to its demand.


KEDACOM front-end cameras have been installed in eight important districts or districts with bad traffic conditions of Phrae. The product is particularly designed to read Thai’s license plates, recognize the color, shape and brand of different cars on its onboard algorithm, and provide the exact speed the car is going.


The double sided multiple layer design of the camera could improve 10 percent luminousness for good image quality when eliminating interference light from environment or vehicles. In other words, it would be able to capture a clear image no matter in sunny daylights or at darker night environment. This function is particularly helpful for police officers to distinguish illegal activities in road travels. The snapshots from KEDACOM camera can provide indisputable evidences to both police officers and drivers, such as shown a driver is not wearing the seat belt, or he/she is talking on the phone while behind the wheel.



Comparing to the ordinary surveillance cameras, KEDACOM camera also comes with a multiple protection design. Besides dust-free and anti-water, it could handle temperatures as high as 80 ℃, or as low as -45℃. In addition, it requires a very low maintenances schemes or cost which most city government spends quite a substantial amount annually using normal cameras.


With KEDACOM solution, real-time traffic could provide Phrae authorities a clear understanding of the road situation and quickly come up a solution to manage traffic flows through its AI big data algorithm. For example, when there is a car accident on the road, police officers will notify it immediately through the real-time display platform. By adjusting KEDACOM cameras, they will be able to establish a direct contact with the scene of the accident, such as oversee the rescue operation and detour other traffics around the scene. Therefore, KEDACOM solution could help the police officers in saving more time in decision-making process, and thus work efficiency has been greatly improved.


On the other hand, our system could be considered a warning sign to drivers, allowing drivers to pay more attention to the road and not exceed the speed limits, therefore ensuring safe driving for better road safety purposes. According to Phrae police department, the city’s accident rates has dropped gradually after KEDACOM intelligent transportation system has been installed.



Despite the quick transition of car manufactories and other factors, KEDACOM will always maintain the accuracy of car identification through color, made, models and different functions so as to provide a better service and upgrades to our clients system.